Each piece suggested here expresses a different colour palette and materiality depending on the project, with flat or vibrated surfaces, brilliant or opaque details, non-precious or precious.

The infinite versatility of mosaic means it can be applied to countless backings and objects. It can be used in the home, in commercial or professional settings, on walls and floors, mirrors, surfaces, tables, doors, fountains, swimming pools, friezes, inserts, company logos, gift items...

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Mosaics are flexible and can be given over to multiple uses, both as objects inserted within the space and as a decorative backdrop for commercial settings (professional studios, banks, restaurants, bars, hotels, swimming pools, etc.), in the home (living room, kitchen, bathroom, studies, bedrooms, patios and gardens) and artistic-cultural spaces, exhibition or public spaces (cinemas, theatres, libraries, auditoriums, concert halls), and not forgetting boats, planes and trains.



Each technique offers a unique form of expression and aims to enhance at all times the beauty of the detail and the aesthetic of the whole. The aim is to value the surface according to its intended usage. Horizontal planes for everyday use work well with a smooth surface, whereas vertical planes work better with a vibrated surface which, through a clever use of light, creates surprising metamorphoses.



Each project follows a special creation process, and great care is taken when choosing the base materials, adhesives, colours palette, idiosyncrasy between non-precious and precious materials. Every single detail is carefully considered to create a coherent aesthetic whole with the project and the customer’s wishes.

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